Rules of the National day of Eating Together dinner with Ariel Hokkanen

Rules of the National day of Eating Together dinner with Ariel Hokkanen on 25th of August organized by Valio on the @arielhokkanen TikTok account.

1. Organizer

The competition is organized by Valio. For questions related to the campaign, you can send an email to

2. Campaign period

The campaign starts on August 11 2022 and ends on August 18 2022.

3. Participation and selection of winners

You can participate in the competition from August 11 to August 18 2022 on @arielhokkanen TikTok account by commenting in the comment field of the prize publication with a comment according to the rules (requires following the @arielhokkanen & @valiofi TikTok account).

We will draw 30 winners that get to come and enjoy a restaurant dinner with Ariel on August 25 2022 – the National day of Eating Together. We will draw winners among all the participants of the draw.

4. Prizes

Valio is raffling off 30 seats around one big table – in other words: 30 people win dinner with Ariel. The value of the dinner is 50 €. Winners will be notified via TikTok by @arielhokkanen on Friday August 19 2022. If the winner cannot be reached within two days, the organizer has the right to raffle a new winner.

Prizes will be delivered to the winners at Valio’s expense. Prizes cannot be converted into money and cannot be transferred to a third party. Valio is responsible for the lottery tax.

5. Personal data

The personal data of the winners will be processed in accordance with the principles presented in Valio's consumer marketing and consumer research privacy statement.

6. Other considerations

By participating in the contest, participants agree to abide by these raffle rules.

By participating, participants agree on the material produced from the dinner can be used by Valio and Ariel Hokkanen on their own channels as well as paid advertising. The written agreement will be asked when the winner is invited to the dinner.

Any ambiguities related to the application and interpretation of the rules will be resolved by Valio.

Valio reserves the right to change the rules without notice. If the information provided by the participant is not her own, or if the participant is suspected of misconduct or illegal activity, Valio has the right to reject all the person's participations without separate notification.

Valio is not responsible for any damage caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by participating in this competition, redeeming the prize or using it.

Instagram and Facebook do not sponsor, recommend or administer the sweepstakes in any way, and the sweepstakes is in no way related to Instagram or Facebook.