Summer job experiences in Valio’s Exports team

Elsa is an economics student from Helsinki and she has been working as a substitute for Export Coordinator at Valio’s International Sales. Read more about the work assignment and atmosphere in an international organization.

Hi, my name is Elsa, and I'm an economics student from Helsinki. I'm working on my Master’s Thesis on Management & International Business at Aalto University, with most of my other studies already done.

I applied to work at Valio mainly because a temporary export coordinator position matched what I had studied very well, which made it the first job connected to my degree. Valio’s image, in both its brands and as an employer, was also very good. The best thing at Valio has been, in addition to learning about the particulars of food exports, working in a highly functional organisation. The Exports team was very pleasant to work with, and even though my work was mainly independent, everyone was there to help if I needed it.

My task as export coordinator was, like the name would imply, to coordinate foreign orders and deliveries as well as to handle the required documentation. Doing this requires keeping in contact with Valio’s plants, forwarding agents, and the foreign customers. Some of the documents had, depending on the destination, to be applied for from different offices. Skill in English, an ability to prioritize, and a background in customer service served me well as a coordinator. Extensive onboarding helped me perform in my tasks even without exactly matching experience.

My summer job as an Export Coordinator
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